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[IP] Vioxx

Anyone taking Vioxx?  (an anti-inflammatory)  Did it seem to have any effect 
on your blood sugars?

I began taking it a week ago for hand pain (Dupuytrens, trigger fingers, and 
osteoarthritis -- who knows what part of that was causing the pain or what 
the medicine works on, but it seems to be helping).  In that time I have had 
to almost halve my insulin dose, and was thinking I was going to have to 
lower it more until this morning, when bg was high.  This kind of change has 
been happening to me over the last year or so due to perimenopause, so it may 
have nothing to do with the Vioxx, and it may have to do with pain reduction, 
but because of the timing I wondered about the Vioxx.

I am also suspicious that the Vioxx may be making my slow stomach even slower 
(maybe the high this morning was really caused by my finally having digested 
that food I have been bolusing so little for over the last few days <gr.>).

And I wondered if others have had doctors not prescribe it because of 
interaction with ACE inhibitors. (I have not yet talked to my endo or 
cardiologist about it, am just taking them 12 hours apart and hoping this is 
all short-term.  The orthopod who prescribed it was not concerned, but he 
didn't actually seem particularly knowledgeable about lots of things.)

Linda Z
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