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Re: [IP] Humalog and question

I hate to blow your theory that skipping meals is okay just because we're on
the pump.  But last Spring just following my mother-in-law's sudden death, I
drove alone from Maryland to Florida.  Since I was somewhat in a hurry, I
skipped my supper.  I reached a motel in South Carolina and hit the sack.
Well, I woke up somehow about 2:00 am in the most confusing insulin reaction
I have ever had.  I can recall now that I was out of it almost totally.  I
remember taking my shirt off and racing around outside the motel in total
darkness looking for the office.  Then I remember going back to my motel
room, sitting down and telling myself to cool it.  Somehow I found my car
keys and went to the car to get some Snicker's bars that I had.  I do
remember devouring 2 Snickers in record time.  Finally, I came out of it but
did not go back to sleep anymore that night.  That was the all time worst
insulin reaction I ever had, and I must admit that I probably have had over
1000 reactions in my 52 yr diabetes history!!  I suspect that my blood sugar
level was below zero that night!!

Are you sure you still want your son to skip meals?

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