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[IP] pharmacy not checking with insurance

I had a new prescription written up to take to my regular pharmacy for strips 
for my ultra.  I use this pharmacy for all my prescriptions but when i 
switched to the ultra last summer they were having trouble getting ultra 
strips from their supplier and walmart's pharmacy wasn't.  I decided it would 
be nicer to get all my scripts from one place and took the new script for 250 
strips to my reg place.  They informed me i could only get 200, it was all my 
insurance would pay for.   I looked at them and said "oh really, they've been 
approving the 250 at walmarts pharmacy for me". I got this look like they 
thought i was lying and they wouldn't budge, so i took the script back from 
them and took it to walmart and of course got my 250 strips.
sigh.  i would switch pharmacies for everything but it took a long time for 
me to get the script for the dtron cartridges just right with them and they 
are now having them when i need them and keeping them and my thyroid med in 
the fridge (they wouldn't at first even though they both have to stay 
refridgerated- wouldn't believe me, they were the professional and knew 
better of course).
I am thinking they didn't even check with the insurance about the strips, 
just gave their standard reply to every diabetic request for extra strips.
I think the key was that the script read that i was a pumper.....

oh well....
at least i have my strips even if i have to make an extra trip for them.

Faith and Sweetie Pie my sweet blue dtron
diabetic 20 years and happy to be here
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