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Re: [IP] Insulin without a prescription

> Actually on Mothers Day I went to get a bottle of Humalog without a
> prescription because my mail order would arrive in couple more days.
> I was down to 10 units. To my shock Walgreens said they needed a
> prescription, I've purchased insulin without a prescription before!!

Humalog, Novolog and Lantus are not true insulins. They are all 
"insulin analogs", that is.... a manufactured product that acts in 
the human body like insulin but is chemically different. 
Specifically, in Humalog the amino acids at positions 28(lys) and 
29(pro) on the insulin B chain are reversed. In Novolog/NovoRapid, 
the amino acid proline in position 28 of the insulin B chain is 
replace with a molecule of aspartic.

Since these compounds are not true insulins, they are not covered by 
the law that requires insulin to be available without presciption.

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