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Re: [IP] Re: Forgeeting to bolus at meals

catherine popper wrote:

>>>I generally don't have a problem remembering to bolus.
It's only those times when I start eating a meal and
bolus later because I'm a little low. I imagine people
with gastroparesis experience this problem
(forgetting) if they bolus after they eat>>>

I heard an idea, although it may not be a recommended tip, but it might work

All the pumps have an auto-off feature, meaning that the pump shuts off after
a preset amount of time that passed since any button was pressed. The pumps
alarm will go off at that time.  So, one can set before the meal that the pump
should beep after an hour or so, to remind to do the bolus.  Just using the
pump as an alarm clock.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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