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Re: [IP] Insulin without a prescription

I was told the same thing by a pharmacist at my local hospital when I had a
similar situation.  It was middle of the night and my pharmacy was closed so
I called the hospital to see if they would sell insulin to the public in an
emergency and I was told that I would have to have a prescription for my
Humalog.  I think it has to do with the cost.  He told me that it would cost
me $40 to buy a bottle of Humalog from them.


Michael English wrote:

> Actually on Mothers Day I went to get a bottle of Humalog without a
> prescription because my mail order would arrive in couple more days. I
> was down to 10 units. To my shock Walgreens said they needed a
> prescription, I've purchased insulin without a prescription before!!
> They had to call my endo at 9:00am on Mothers Day and get him to OK it.
> The pharmacist told me that Humalog just became Rx only, If I were using
> R or Nph I would still not need a prescription, someone explain this? I
> realize each state is different regarding Rx sales , but why change and
> only with humalog? I live in Illinois.
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