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Re: [IP] Humalog and question

> From: Winsor Pop <email @ redacted>
>>>> I've had to start skipping breakfast because my head starts spinning
> about 40 minutes after my bolus...including heart palpitations, tight chest
> and an allover feeling of anxiety. I don't have the same problem any other
> time of the day.>>>
> Why are
> you waiting 40 minutes after a bolus since it sounds like you have not yet
> eaten? 

I eat breakfast and bolus (Humalog) accordingly (no waiting). 40 minutes
later, give or take, I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack. Tight chest,
heart palpitations, head spinning... and it happens when I'm on vacation,
when I'm working, I can repeat it under a host of circumstances. And I can
avoid it (to an extent) by skipping breakfast. To an extent because when
lunch is my first meal I will often have the same problem, only milder.

Breakfast is usually a combo of high fiber toast or cereal and some sort of
protein, to avoid a spike in my bs. I thought I was crazy before I saw
someone else's post about palpitations...

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