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Re: [IP] potatoes

Catching up on the old IP digests:

>>><<Raw potatoes are .15 and baked is .21>>
Raw potatoes are .15???  meaning 15 gr. carbs and baked .21 meaning 21
If I eat a baked potato, I bolus for at least 30 since I eat the whole thing
skin and all.>>>

NO! if the raw potato weighs 100 grams it would contain 15 grams of carb.  If
the cooked potato weighs 100 grams it would contain 21 grams.
For some details on using carb factors look on "Carb Factor resources" on my
website at http://www.friendswithdiabetes.org/carb_factor.html

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Jewish Friends With Diabetes
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