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Re: [IP] travel with supplies

Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 10:16:57 +1200
From: "Gretchen Good" <email @ redacted>

Hifolks.  I'll be traveling to the U.S. for six months and want to bring my
pump supplies from home.  Any advice about airport security?  Alternatively
I would like to mail my supplies to the U.S. to get there before I do.  How
can I ensure that security procedures won't delay or handle my sterile pump
supplies?  Thanks for any advice.

Hi Gretchen:

I have just done some international travel with my pump.  I'm sorry that I
can't help you with shipping supplies, I took all my supplies with me, but I
think if you ask your pump supplier to ship directly to the place where you
will be visiting, you should be okay.

As for flying with the pump, you must have a letter from your doctor stating
that you have been prescribed an insulin pump.  Your pump company should
have a more detailed list of what should be in this letter.  Of course, you
should carry backup supplies in your carry on luggage.  It was my experience
that my bag was never searched, but I was a US citizen traveling between USA
and England, which may have made a difference.  Traveling from England to
Washington DC, was the highest security I encountered.  At that time, I was
asked whether I had anything sharp in my bag.  I replied that I was carrying
syringes, whereupon I was asked to produce my letter.  It was photocopied,
returned to me and I was sent on my merry way.  My pump (Animas) did not set
off the metal detector at any airport I went through.  Once, at Washington
DC Dulles airport, AFTER I had gone through security and was retrieving my
bag, a security person noticed my pump, and said loudly, "take off beeper,
take off beeper!"  It took me some time to explain to him that I was wearing
an insulin pump, but finally, I think, he understood.  That was the only
moment that was at all difficult.  Everything else was easy.  Feel free to
e-mail me off list for further details.  Take care Gretchen and have a great

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