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[IP] Re: travel with supplies

> 1) you can have syringes or insulin delivery systems (ie pumps) once it is
> determines that you have documented medical need by providing insulin with a
> professional, pharmaceutical pre-printed label that clearly identifies the
> medication.  NO EXCEPTIONS.........
> 4)Because of possible forgeries prescriptions and letters of medical
> necessity will not be accepted.
I've read this too, and it struck me as ridiculous.  How is a
"pharmaceutical pre-printed label" on your insulin vial any more
reliable than a prescription/doctor's letter?  Insulin can be bought at
any drugstore without a prescription.  If a terrorist really wanted to
go that route, all he/she would have to do is buy a vial, empty it, and
fill it with something else.  The vial would still have the
"pharmaceutical pre-printed label" on it.  (unless they mean the insulin
has to be *unopened* and still in the box, and I don't know where that
would leave the insulin in our pumps!)

Sure, prescriptions and doctor's letters can be forged.  Nothing's
perfect.  But to me they seem more reliable than an over-the-counter
vial. At least they have the patient's name and the phone number for the
doctor or pharmacy, so they can be verified if there is reason for

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