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Re: [IP] travel with supplies


  The latest that I have here in front of me on traveling with Diabetes 
supplies is that:
1) you can have syringes or insulin delivery systems (ie pumps) once it is 
determines that you have documented medical need by providing insulin with a 
professional, pharmaceutical pre-printed label that clearly identifies the 
medication.  NO EXCEPTIONS
For testing equipment (meters and stuff) the meter has to have a 
manufacturers name printed on it (I've never seen one that didn't!!) and the 
lancets have to have to be capped.
3) Glucagon has to be in a pre-printed labeled plastic container or box.  
Keep it in the original box from the pharmacy.
4)Because of possible forgeries prescriptions and letters of medical 
necessity will not be accepted.
5)FAAsecurity measures apply to travel within the 50 states.  PAssengers 
should consult their individual air carrier for both domestic and 
international travel regulaitons.  Policies are subject to ch ange.  These 
are dated from Feb 2002.

mom to Joshua...we are traveling across the states in July and wanted to 
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