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[IP] Bolus by injection often?

I know that we sort of had a thread about this a week
or so ago. I've had such a hard time getting infusion
sets to work on me and not fail within a day. I'm just
realizing that my problem happens when bolusing for
meals. I just stop absorbing the minute I give myself
even a small to medium sized bolus. I'm considering
injecting for all of my meals and seeing how that
works. Anybody do this? I know some people do it every
now and again to increase longevity in a site. I'm
tired of changing out every day and still having no
Also, those of you who occasionally inject - do you
find your insulin/carb ratio changes when you do so? I
find that the injected insulin works much quicker and
more effectively. 
I feel like a total freak, since I've never spoken to
anyone who had these kinds of problems on pump
therapy. I'm very thin, using metal needle sets and I
test 10-15 x/day. What the hell already?

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