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[IP] Fw: Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. Announces InDuo

Yahoo - InDuo(TM), the world's first combined insulin doser and blood glucose
monitor helps improve diabetes management

Thursday May 23, 6:59 am Eastern Time
Press Release
SOURCE: Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.; LifeScan Canada Ltd.

InDuo(TM), the world's first combined insulin doser and blood glucose monitor
helps improve diabetes management
NovoRapid(R) (Insulin Aspart) a New Fast-Acting Insulin Analogue Introduced
for Use with Innovative Delivery Device
TORONTO, May 23 /CNW/ - A new device that combines blood glucose monitoring
and insulin delivery designed to help people better manage their diabetes is
now available in Canada. Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. and LifeScan Canada Ltd.
have partnered to develop the new InDuo(TM) System. This new compact and
discreet device combines two of the daily activities that are essential for
many people with diabetes -- blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery.
This first-of-its-kind system is designed to offer assistance with achieving
good blood glucose control, a vital component in managing diabetes. For many
people with this disease, regular blood glucose monitoring and injecting the
appropriate amount of insulin at the right time can be difficult. Also, for
those newly diagnosed with diabetes, learning about and following through with
both blood glucose monitoring and insulin injection can be a daunting process.

The InDuo(TM) System was designed to help solve those problems. As a combined
insulin doser and blood glucose monitor, the InDuo(TM) System offers insulin
users the opportunity to make more informed dosing decisions with the benefit
of blood glucose test results. The system is also conveniently small and
discreet, making it easy to use anywhere, anytime.

"Because this new device is less painful for patients, and offers fast,
accurate dosing, it may make it much easier for patients to effectively treat
their diabetes," explains Marilyn Cantara, a Diabetes Nurse Educator at Centre
Hospitalier Rigional, Hotel-Dieu de St-Jirtme. "This device helps build user
confidence because it is exact and simple to use. It will empower people with
diabetes to test their blood glucose more frequently, be more precise when
injecting insulin and improve how they manage their disease," she added.

Also introduced today by Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. is NovoRapid(R), a
rapid-acting, mealtime insulin analogue designed to mimic the physiological
response to food experienced by a person without diabetes. Taken immediately
before meals, NovoRapid(R) begins working within 10 minutes and lasts for up
to five hours.

NovoRapid(R) produces a faster and stronger blood glucose lowering effect than
regular human insulin due to its faster absorption rate, onset and duration of
action. NovoRapid(R) is designed for use with InDuo(TM), and is available in
3ml Penfill(R) cartridges. Dosing can be adjusted according to blood glucose
measurements and consultation with a physician. In most cases, NovoRapid(R)
should be used in combination therapy with intermediate or long- lasting

"Rapid acting insulin analogues such as NovoRapid(R) help people with diabetes
to better manage their disease," said Dr. Lawrence Leiter, Endocrinologist and
Head of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, St. Michael's Hospital,
Toronto, ON. "NovoRapid(R) onset of action is faster than Regular insulin,
resulting in superior blood glucose control. Improved blood glucose control
has been shown to result in fewer diabetes associated complications such as
blindness and kidney failure," he added.

InDuo(TM) - designed to optimize control

Choosing the right system may be critical in patients complying with the
recommendations of their health care professionals. In a recent study(1), more
than four out of five patients (81 per cent) preferred the integrated
InDuo(TM) System to the non-integrated blood glucose meter and insulin
delivery system they were currently using. The reason most often cited for
preferring the InDuo(TM) System was that it was "all in one." In addition,
more than half the patients (55 per cent) reported that they had tested their
blood glucose levels less frequently than recommended. Of these patients, more
than half (53 per cent) indicated that an integrated system such as the
InDuo(TM) System would lead to more frequent testing.

The InDuo(TM) System combines the latest technology pioneered by Novo Nordisk
and LifeScan, coupling the best features of a state-of-the-art blood glucose
monitor and a state-of-the-art insulin injection device. The new system offers
less painful blood glucose testing, requiring such a tiny drop of blood (1
microlitre) that it allows people to test on the forearm(2), where there are
fewer nerve endings than in the fingertips. It also provides clinically
accurate test results in just five seconds. Additionally, the InDuo(TM) System
remembers the amount of insulin injected at the last dosing as well as the
time elapsed since that dosing, which can relieve the concern many users feel
when they forget whether or not they've taken their last dose.

"Two of the most important tasks for properly treating diabetes are accurate
monitoring and insulin dosing -- InDuo(TM) is the only product that combines
both," said Dr. Alan Davis, Director, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Novo
Nordisk Canada, Inc. "With the greater dosing flexibility provided by
NovoRapid(R), coupled with the dosing and monitoring features of InDuo(TM),
Canadians with diabetes will have the opportunity to be able to manage their
disease better than ever before."

Two million Canadians have diabetes

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA), diabetes is a leading
cause of death by disease. If not managed properly, diabetes can lead to heart
disease, blindness, kidney (renal) disease, erectile dysfunction and even limb
amputations. However, if diabetes is treated accurately and properly,
complications can be delayed or even avoided.

More than two million Canadians have diabetes, and it is a disease whose
incidence is growing rapidly in Canada and around the world(3). The World
Health Organization estimates that, due to a more sedentary lifestyle and
obesity, diabetes will have doubled to 300 million cases by the year 2025(4).
Furthermore, according to the CDA, diabetes costs approximately $9 billion US
every year in Canada alone to treat people with diabetes, and its

People with diabetes may have either type 1, which requires daily injections
of insulin, or type 2, which can be managed with exercise and proper
nutrition, and may require oral medication or insulin.

NovoRapid(R) and InDuo(TM) are now available in Canada. InDuo(TM) is ideal for
people who require two or more injections of insulin daily, who want the added
convenience of glucose monitoring in the same system. Patients should check
with their health care professional as to whether the system is right for
them. People with diabetes that would like more information about InDuo(TM)
can visit www.InDuo.ca.

Novo Nordisk is a focused healthcare company, and a world leader in diabetes
care with the broadest diabetes product portfolio in the country, including
the most advanced products in the area of insulin delivery systems. With
headquarters in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs 16,000 people in 68 countries
and markets its products in 179 countries. For more company information, visit

LifeScan, a leading maker of blood glucose monitoring products, is dedicated
to improving the quality of life for people with diabetes. Every day, more
than 300,000 Canadians rely on OneTouch(R) systems for simple testing and
accurate results. For healthcare professional resources and information on
diabetes care and LifeScan products and services, visit

	    (1) Novo Nordisk & LifeScan data on file. Study ID: InDuo(TM) patient
	        handling and required level of instruction study, n(equal sign)151.
	    (2) Users should read the InDuo(TM) System User Manual and talk to their
	        health care professional before beginning to test on the arm.
	    (3) Canadian Diabetes Association online: http://www.diabetes.ca
	    (4) Canadian Diabetes Association online: http://www.diabetes.ca
	    (5) Canadian Diabetes Association online: http://www.diabetes.ca

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  Alan Davis, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc., (905) 629-4222
  Les Klajnscek, President, LifeScan Canada, (604) 293-2266
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