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Re: :[IP] Re: long-termers who have avoided complications REMOVAL

I like Jan hate to see people leave this list. The DCCT was an important 
study. It was not the total answer. As Jan has mentioned pre BG testing I 
also spent 35 or more years without it. It is true my last A1c was 5.9 , but 
I ran in the 8 to 9's for many years. I only have problems with my feet and 
after 54 1/2 years of D I must be some kind of lucky person. My kidnetoligest 
told me last week I have 80% of my kidney function. He told me a man my age 
without D will have 85% so I guess I am lucky again. I was also told my 
numbers are the same or a little better for the last 2 years after the pump 
start. I feel Genetics are a major part of the story. After 54+ years of a 
large meals and most positive high BS two hours later how could I still be 
hear? I think we should not be obsessed about this stay positive and what 
ever time we are given. Roger C
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