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[IP] Re: Metabolic decompensation in pump users due to lispro

When I used Humalog alone I had problems with it being less effective after 
about 2 days (particularly when it got cold and my water bed was warmer).  
Through the advise of people in this group, I started mixing regular insulin 
with the Humalog and was OK with that.  Last October I tried Novolog and 
found that I didn't need to mix the regular and was able to get more 
consistent results.  I also feel like I have less problems with 
hypo-unwareness which I sometimes had with the Humlog when I was having more 
normal sugars.

Of course everyone is different and some may do better on the Humalog.  If 
someone is not having a problem, I wouldn't worry about it. 

I can't believe that insurance companies are denying a particular insulin.  I 
would fight that and enlist the company that makes Novolog to help you.  
Since diabetes can vary so much between people we should be able to choose 
the insulins and treatments that work for us.

Type 1 since 1973
Pump - Minimed 507C since 1999
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