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[IP] Humalog and question

> I tried NovoLog instead of Humalog in my 508 about 2 months ago.  I need less
> insulin and the sites are absorbing consistently.  And I do not have the
> occasional   highs that had no explanation .  I do feel quite sure of these
> differences after 2 months.

> In addition to the differences you mention, I also experiences something akin
> to ''hot flushes'' and palpitations with Humalog even when my BG was well
> within the euglycemic range. Humalog has, to the best of my knowledge, not yet
> received FDA-approved for use in insulin pumps.

And I thought I was crazy all this time! I've had to start skipping
breakfast because my head starts spinning about 40 minutes after my bolus...
including heart palpitations, tight chest and an allover feeling of anxiety.
I don't have the same problem any other time of the day.

Not to mention the fact that on MDI my control was great (A1c's around 6.3).
I'm still waiting to get my first A1c since going on the pump... it doesn't
look too promising.

And finally, a question in regards to the metabolic decompensation -- how
does one know this is happening? When I change my site, I always look at the
cannula of the old site, and it appears to be full of bubbles, or is it
blocked? Will bubbles in the cannula affect absorption?

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