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RE: [IP] Can others tell?

I am the only on in my family that can tell when my BG level is low.
Before being on the pump I felt low when my BG level was at 3.9mmol/L.
After only a couple months on Humalog and a few weeks on the pump, I
start feeling low at around 2.8mmol/L. Better control has lessened my
hypo events but decreased the sensitivity to low BG levels. Anyone else
with these results?


>John writes:
>My ex-girlfriend used to be able to tell before I could that I was low.
>was having hypo unawareness at the time so thats probably why.  Since
>on the pump my awareness is much better,  Just my $.01 worth.

>>Melany writes:
>>My husband, and now my daughter, age 17, can always seem to tell when
I am
>>running low - even before I can really tell.  They tell me my behavior
>>alters ever so slightly.  Can other spouses, and children sense the
>>in bgs for other diabetics on this list?  Or is my family just
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