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Re: [IP] Can others tell?

In a message dated 05/25/2002 4:11:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Can other spouses, and children sense the drop in
> bgs for other diabetics on this list?  Or is my family just strange?

YES,... I know that in my household, I get the old "you better test your 
blood sugar" routine , for "high's" and "lows" .....  my out of state family 
can tell even when we are just talking on the phone ....( my "head" starts to 
spin -as my husband will say .. )  as, I become extremely "irritable" if I am 
high ... and I become "confused" when I am low ... so, yes , "other's" can 
tell .... 
Dx'd 1981, pumping 02/27/02
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