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Re: [IP] Anemia-another question

>>Is their a specific test they do to find out if the kidneys aren't working
correctly other than a 24 hr urine?  My last 24 hr. urine (last year) was
OK. >>

A blood draw is done at the same time you turn in your jug and all those
values are part of the whole picture.

>>>Also of special note- I have had lower back pain since May of last year
(was told it was just weak muscles but it hasn't gone away) and have run a
low grade 99 degree temp. on and off over the past year.  Could that
possibly be kidney related?  My blood pressure runs low normal. Linda >>>

You could have a low-grade kidney infection. I think to ease your fears and
to get the best treatment presently is to see a nephrologist. That
weak/aching back could be your kidneys. Two years ago I had a thalium stress
test and it was okay - my most recent one was not good and I go to hosp.
Tues. to get I.V. hydrated for angiogram/catheterization Wed. That's for
heart - just make sure if there is anything kidney related, you find it
early. (~_^)

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