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[IP] Anemia-another question

Thanks to all who replied.  I really appreciate it!

Is their a specific test they do to find out if the kidneys aren't working 
correctly other than a 24 hr urine?  My last 24 hr. urine (last year) was OK. 
 When my Hemoglobin was low (9) and my ferrritin was 1.7 my hematologist did 
have me on Procrit for a little while but as my numbers came up he 
discontinued it.  I believe I asked about the kidneys but was told needing 
Procrit was a side effect of anemia (they thought it was due to my periods).

I will definitely ask to see a kidney specialist to rule out any kidney 

Also of special note- I have had lower back pain since May of last year (was 
told it was just weak muscles but it hasn't gone away) and have run a low 
grade 99 degree temp. on and off over the past year.  Could that possibly be 
kidney related?  My blood pressure runs low normal.

Thanks so much for all the help!

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