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Re: [IP] IP DKA vs MDI DKA (new endo)

Based on what Spot said about the European study in kids I have to agree with 
those results, based on what we have been going through with Josh.  Except 
for the first few day of this weird virus thing ( this is day 5 now) he has 
not had KTs except maybe a trace that we get rid of immediately.  And his 
average BG (there goes our monthly averages!!!) is running around 400 right 
now....UUGGGGHH!!!  So long as he is getting insulin going in he is not 
developing keytones so there is something to be said about the continuous 
insulin flow.

And to let you know, since Josh's body has gotten use to such high BGs right 
now, when he dropped down to 250 today he actually got the shakes and 
everything else as one of his normal hypo symptoms.  I sure will be glad when 
this virus decides to leave....GGGRRRRR!!!
THANKS to all of you who have written your personal messages of support.  It 
means a LOT to me guys...especially since hubby is out of town on business 
right now!

mom to Joshua.....YAWN  YAWN  YAWN
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