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Re: [IP] Metabolic decompensation in pump users due to lispro insulin precipitation

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From: "Annie Wall"

>What do others think about this research (of two
> patients)?????  I know many of us use Humalog in our pumps.  Should we be
> worried????
> Annie

It is certainly consistent with my findings. Given that NovoLog does not
cause these problems and was, moreover,very quickly approved by the FDA and
European authorities for use in the pump -which interestingly is still not
AFAIK true for HumaLog even though it was launched several years earlier - I
would not consider using Humalog today.(I initially tried Humalog  in a pump
at the end of 1995, before it became available in the US, and had the
described problems with various infusion sets and with both the H-Tron as
well as the MM 507C. there other more serious problems as well.).  In
addition, the theoretical dangers and caveats that generally apply to
analogue insulins - such the enhanced IGF binding affinities and long-term
carcinogenicity - do not apply to Novolog to anything like the same degree.

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