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[IP] Re: anemia - help

In kidney failure, it is not that the kidneys are clearing more red blood
cells than they should, it is that they are not producing enough
Erythropoietin - a hormone made by the kidneys that stimulates bone marrow to
make red blood cells.  Without enough Erythropoietin (or EPO), you can't make
red blood cells, hence a low hemoglobin or anemia....Procrit is an injectible
form of EPO to replace what your kidneys aren't making.

email @ redacted wrote:
Ihave anemia of chronic condition
(chronic condition being diabetes).  apparently the kidneys are
malfunctioning and clearing more of the red cells than they should.  They put
me on Procrit (which stimulates the body to create more red blood cells- to
replace the overabundance of ones being cleared) and that has helped
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