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Re: [IP] Insurance Question

Question re federal laws regarding health insurance. I will be changing from
part-time to full-time work in a month or two and, as such, will be eligible
for my company's health insurance. I am currently covered under my husband's
policy but his coverage is not as good as what I can get at my company. If I
leave his for my own coverage and decide that I really don't care for
full-time work will his company be required to accept me since I would no
longer have health insurance or could they refuse? They currently accept all
spouses and dependant of new employees. Thanks for any info/opinions. .>


If your husband's company pays 100% for your coverage, definitely keep it.
There is coordination of benefits where your insurance would first cover
your expenses according to your contract and if something is unpaid by them,
you could get most of the balance paid by your husband's insurer.  The
danger in completely dropping you on your husband's policy is that they
might not cover you again (worst case) or you may have to wait a year for
diabetes-related coverage because of pre-existing conditions.  Your husband
should ask his insurer what their rules are so you can make an informed
decision.  In short, if at all possible, hang on to your coverage through
your husband's insurance instead of dropping it.  You don't ever want to be
without coverage if you can help it.
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