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Re: [IP] Can others tell?

I can tell when my daughter Shannon (almost 12) is low
when she starts obsessing about food (gets really
hungry) or gets sleepy at an odd time. There are other,
more subtle things (a "look") that make me think she
may be low. Also, when her bg is low her blood seems
thinner/lighter, and thicker/darker when she's high so
I can usually tell which way things are gonna go when I
do night time bg checks. :)

Btw, I can tell when she's really, really high too. She
gets a little "witchy" (lashing out in the extreme)
that just doesn't happen at other times. I can also
tell if she's going to be high by how much time
the(Freestyle) meter takes to give a reading. If it
seems to be taking longer she is almost always high.

Melany said:
My husband, and now my daughter, age 17, can always
seem to tell when I am
running low - even before I can really tell.  They tell
me my behavior
alters ever so slightly.  Can other spouses, and
children sense the drop in
bgs for other diabetics on this list?  Or is my family
just strange?
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