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[IP] Anemia-need help!!

I have a question regarding anemia.  Has anyone heard of it being a 
complication of diabetes?  I have been having trouble with low blood counts 
(hemoglobin, ferritin) for 1 1/2 yrs. now.  Last Oct. I had surgery for 
uterine polyps but have continued to have blood numbers drop.  My problem 
seems to be iron storage (ferritin) or how the blood stores iron.  Last year 
I was at 1.7 (normal is 11-300) and this year it had been up to 20 after IV 
iron but has dropped to 8 and is going down. I take 100 mg/day of iron pills 
and my iron stores continue to drop.  I have been checked for stomach 
bleeding, blood in my stool, clotting factor of the blood, etc., with 
negative results.  The hematologists can't seem to find out what the cause is 
or where the blood is going.  I had to have IV iron which made me sick 
several times last year and don't want to go through that again.  I just 
don't know what to do or what type of specialist to ask for.  Any help would 
be greatly appreciated as I was just starting to feel a little better and 
need some answers and treatment quickly.  Last year I was so weak I could 
hardly get up and move and don't want to go through that again.

Thank You, Linda
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