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Re: [IP] nausea in teen

From: "Pamela Payne" <email @ redacted>
>>>The girls just seem to become fed up or tired or frustrated or angry
or...etc. and we have to pick up the slack for them until they get their
heads and hearts in the game again.>>>

I heard someone discuss what it's like being a teen. Let's say you are
converting your house into a restaurant, but remain living there while the
construction is going on. There is chaos, confusion, disruption, lots of
ETC. (shouting). Well, this person is converting from being a child to an
adult and they are very mixed up inside. Now, add on DM and it's quite an
extra load. YMMV

>>> When blood sugars are high and you are cranky is your ability to think
impaired so much that even as an adult you just can't realize you are being
rude or obnoxious? Pam, mom to Sara 15>>>

Yes, thinking is impaired. That's why some parents have a 504 in place that
allows for retesting of exams when BGs are not in a normal level - the
student may have impaired thinking abilities. As far as being rude and
obnoxious, it's not that we don't realize it, there's not much we can do
about it. What about non-DM women with PMS - do they realize they are being
rude and obnoxious? Before I had my hyst. 11/79, PMS hadn't been identified
as a happening - yet (nor post- partum blues in early '60s when I had my
bb's). You know something's out of whack, but what to do?

As I was going into DKA (throwing up in a fancy restaurant) a nurse in our
group told me later she thought I was going to go into a coma right there. I
say, PLEASE, if you see I'm having a problem - HELP ME!! Sometimes we don't
recognize it nor can do it ourselves. (~_^)

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