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Re: [IP] nausea in teen

As an adult (39) and having been D since age 5, I can tell you that often 
times I will do a check and find myself super high, and think later after the 
correction has kicked in that I can't believe I said this, acted like that, 
or did whatever  a few hours ago before I knew I was high.  Or sometimes I 
will act  in a way that I feel like I am seeing someone else not myself doing 
these things, and see it as a sign to check, and find that I have spiked a 
sudden rise in bg- usually can be linked to a cannula kinking up or something 

I applaud your control in being able to have her go check before setting her 
attitude straight however, I can attest that in her adult life, 
employers/coworkers and such will not be as quick to give the slack -- it 
just doesn't happen.  I find the best thing to do is try to test every 2 
hours while awake so I can catch the bg rises before they get up so high that 
it affects my attitude.  

aka Mouse
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