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[IP] nausea in teen

Nausea is a sign of blood glucoses running high for an extended period OR
elevating very quickly for Sara. There is only one cure if your daughter's
problem is the same as Sara, frequent testing and adherence to smart Diabetic
care. But did I just use the term smart and teen in the same thought.

Just a joke to let you know that the solution to a problem can be typed easily
but the real life execution is much different. I am very aware of that and am
not any anyway suggesting you have let her down. Teens are tough.

Another mom and I are writing to each other about our teen daughters and have
concluded that there are times when you must be the care giver. The girls just
seem to become fed up or tired or frustrated or angry or...etc. and we have to
pick up the slack for them until they get their heads and hearts in the game
Hang in there, help her get under good control again. If her stomach troubles
continue then you can go to the MD confidently stating it is not the Diabetes,
something else physically is happening to her and you need help.

Now, everyone can help me.
There was a line of discussion once about children and behaviors when blood
sugars are wacky. When Sara was young I would tell her to check her blood
sugar when she was rude etc. before utilizing my brilliant parenting skills to
set her back on the straight and narrow...you know, the walk to her room to
spend time in her own miserable company. Now that she is 15 I feel that she
should be able to recognize that she is feeling "off" and to watch her
comments and behaviors on her own. A little self discipline as it were.
Am I expecting too much? When blood sugars are high and you are cranky is your
ability to think impaired so much that even as an adult you just can't realize
you are being rude or obnoxious? I am not referring to those times when her
blood sugars are normal and she is behaving like a 15 year old...I know how to
handle that in a timely manner. It is when she is under the influence of those
rabid elevated glucose molecules that I wonder if I need to cut her some
Thanks everyone.
Pam, mom to Sara 15
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