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[IP] Why IP is so crucial to our "success"

     Continuing a recent "theme" started by Barb (Erica's mom), and continued 
by admin Brian & others...
     I "found" IP in the fall of 1997, shortly after I "found" the Internet & 
Childrenwithdiabetes. At that time there were less than 100 members, compared 
to today's almost 4000 members! 
     Not only have your collective helpful hints, insights, wisdom, 
successes, failures, gut-wrenching candor, cries for help etc been a 
tremendous help to me personally in better understanding this carpricious 
chronic condition...but by sharing some of the best postings with my diabetes 
"cyber-circle", your words have "reached" literally hundreds of other equally 
bewildered parents who want to "kiss it & make it all better" & know that we 
    But of all the dozens of "group" (bcc'd) e-mails that I transmit, none 
has generated the awestruck responses that I got from passing along Rodney & 
Jan's graphic descriptions yesterday of what a high blood sugar "looks" and 
"feels" like...
   So on behalf of ALL the parents you unknowingly help indirectly to help 
their children DIRECTLY with practical knowledge, THANK YOU ALL for being 
part of this very special community...and a special thank you of course to 
Michael & his dedicated volunteer administrators who provide such an amazing &
 necessary service.....When newly dx'd children in the Phila region are being 
given follow-up appointments SIX MONTHS later because of the dearth of ped 
endos, it behooves EVERYONE who deals with diabetes to learn, learn, 
learn....and then keep on learning!!!!
    I'll close with a portion of an e-mail I just received:
     I can't believe my child has had diabetes for over 6 years and I never 
truly understood how a high sugar felt until I received your email.  

Renee (pump mom to 19 yr old Melissa/dx'd at 9)
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