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Re: [IP] HUMAN Virus attack (not computer)


I had similar symptoms when I had the flu about 10 years ago.  BGs way, way
up and I was shooting up insulin like a drug addict.  Nothing would bring it
down.  Had a fever that came on strong, then left suddenly and would
reappear an hour later.

It took me about ten days to fully recover, and beware - - - in my case, my
bgs dropped like a rock back into somewhat normal range (200s).  It took me
by surprise, and I had recently dosed for a large bg.  So I had to drink
sugar water (YUK!) to get me back in the saddle again.

I am so sorry about your son's illness,


> PK folks, I need to hear from you.  Ever since this past tuesday Joshua
> 10.5, DMer almost 5yrs IPer 2.5) has been fighting some weird virus.  Not
> bacterial because nothing shows up in the labs.  It started with LARGE LTs
> tuesday mor ing and BG in 500s.  Site, change, new cartridge with new
> done.  Injection given on top of that.  Went UP to HI (over 600)  Another
> injection.  LOTS of fluids.  He is sicker than snot but no vomiting.
After 7
> hours we get BGs down into 300s and that is the lowest (until once today
> got to 153 only to bounce right back to 487)  So 4 days now of BGs running
> between 300-600, one day of large KTs, once day of MOD kts, a couple times
> trace and now NO KTs.  And what is REAL weird is that he has all of his
> normal symptoms of being VERY low...blurred vision, very weak,
> All labs came back normal, except some KTs in urine we didn't have here at
> home.  Got rid of those quickly yesterday but he was so weak he couldn't
> walk on his own power.  He slept all day and then konked out early and
> all night.  MD/Peds and Endo don't have a clue except some viral thing.
> are being VERY aggressive with temp increase, increase CI ratio and high
> bolus ratios.
> Has anyone ever had something like this or something similar?  If so how
> did it last?  I'm getting worried about the sustained highs and what they
> doing to his little body.  One minute he feels pretty good and the next
> minute he is crap!!!  Any suggestions would be nice.  And the support I
> I will get will be GREATLY appreciated!  That is what I LOVE about you
> guys!!!
> Thanks!
> Sylvia
> a very tired and worried mom to Joshua
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