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[IP] HUMAN Virus attack (not computer)

PK folks, I need to hear from you.  Ever since this past tuesday Joshua (age 
10.5, DMer almost 5yrs IPer 2.5) has been fighting some weird virus.  Not 
bacterial because nothing shows up in the labs.  It started with LARGE LTs 
tuesday mor ing and BG in 500s.  Site, change, new cartridge with new insulin 
done.  Injection given on top of that.  Went UP to HI (over 600)  Another 
injection.  LOTS of fluids.  He is sicker than snot but no vomiting.  After 7 
hours we get BGs down into 300s and that is the lowest (until once today he 
got to 153 only to bounce right back to 487)  So 4 days now of BGs running 
between 300-600, one day of large KTs, once day of MOD kts, a couple times of 
trace and now NO KTs.  And what is REAL weird is that he has all of his 
normal symptoms of being VERY low...blurred vision, very weak, shakey.......  
All labs came back normal, except some KTs in urine we didn't have here at 
home.  Got rid of those quickly yesterday but he was so weak he couldn't even 
walk on his own power.  He slept all day and then konked out early and slept 
all night.  MD/Peds and Endo don't have a clue except some viral thing.  We 
are being VERY aggressive with temp increase, increase CI ratio and high 
bolus ratios.

Has anyone ever had something like this or something similar?  If so how long 
did it last?  I'm getting worried about the sustained highs and what they are 
doing to his little body.  One minute he feels pretty good and the next 
minute he is crap!!!  Any suggestions would be nice.  And the support I know 
I will get will be GREATLY appreciated!  That is what I LOVE about you 


a very tired and worried mom to Joshua
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