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[IP] Notice how

This was sent off list? Hmmmm.

Andy Johnson wrote:

I was not "mean" to the poster as you stated.

All I said to the replier of the message was to send a reply back to the
original sender.

Why should other list members, including myself, need to know that she did
not know what a meter skin was or that she would look at the site later.  If
she wanted to know what a meter skin was, she could have simply stated in
her own words "Can someone please inform me as to what a meter skin is".

As to the kids or pregnancy issue,  there is at least one person on the list
that could possibly use information related to the issue, and nothing should
be said about it in a deragotory way.

The only reason I was mean to you related to the post was because when YOU
use "Strange Bird", "take an ex-lax or a vacation" in the same sentence,  is
implies that you are being derogatory.  So,  that is the way I took it.

As for the donation part,  you believe what you want.  If I am contributing
a large amount of money,  enough to keep IP up for a month or two, then yes,
I want people to know that I contributed it.  Riddle me this Batman:  How do
you explain the many, many, many charities or political groups that list
major contributers in their publications?

Let me state it one more time for you:   I WAS NOT MEAN!!!!!

The following 2 statements made by YOU just reiterate to me that you really
do have a narrow mind. Wake up and smell the coffee.

I have no kids and don't want any. So should I ask all the posters writing
in about pregnancies all not to??

I'm not on a MM or Animas. Should I ask all the complaints be taken

If you have a question or need to know, why couldn't you just post in and
ask? Why be so darn mean??

I have no idea how these two things he sited makes me 'Narrow minded'.

I wrote back to him that Companies and political groups usually have PR
issues at heart and that I thought he was an individual -totally different.

Oh, well, last I'm writing about this. I have more important things to do

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Jenny Sutherland
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