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Re: [IP] new job-how much info to give employer?

 >Any  advice on whether or what to tell my new employer about my diabetes?
Do I tell them "upfront"?  I am not sure of what to do. >


Obviously (after reading all the previous posts to your request) there are a
zillion different paths you can take.  It can depend on who your employer
is, who your supervisor is, who your fellow employees are, and who you are.
You kind of have to judge that yourself.  I have found it very important to
let people I work with know that I am diabetic because I can have such
trouble when I am low. I always let my staff, my superiors, my co-workers
know, because I need their help when I can't think, which is what happens
when I go low.

My staff know that they can usually get me to drink a glass of orange juice,
but if I'm particularly hostile (I can be a bitch when I plummet!), they'll
either get a supervisor, OR, they get one of our nurses (I work at a
continuing care retirement community where health care abounds).  I OBEY
nurses.  I am truly grateful to those I work with because, though they may
not necessarily understand diabetes, they know when I'm in trouble, and as
able as I think I am, sometimes I need help from others.

You may work in a place where you could be under attack because you have
this disease or you could be in a very open environment, like I am.  I'd
pick my friends, whoever they may be, but someone should know what to do
when you have low blood sugar, for those times when you're unable to bring
yourself out of it.

I'm glad you landed a job.  Good luck and keep us informed!

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