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Re: [IP] Ashley and insurance

<I now have a plan where generic prescriptions are $10, regular $20, and
"non-formula" (whatever that means) $40. <

What your insurance company is saying is that you have to pay more for drugs
that are not on their "formulary".  They should provide you with a list of
their entire formulary, including what's generic (the $10 type), what's
brand name (the $20 type), and what's NOT on their list (the $40 type).
It's their effort to keep costs down.  I believe it's true that, with so
much aggressive advertising out there, there's a tendency for doctors to
prescribe something new that's not necessarily better but is highly
expensive, and this is what insurance companies are trying to control.

Some insurance plans (like mine) explicitly deny payment for some of the
newer drugs but, with your doctor at your side, you can make your case and
succeed.  Unfortunately, you really have to be aggressive these days, to get
what's needed for your health.

This is probably more than you (or anyone else on this list) asked for, but
I have seen time and time again, especially on this email list, that those
who persist and speak up and aggressively pursue what's needed for their
health, can succeed in getting what's needed.  (I see it a lot in all those
"pump mamas and papas" I wish I had at my side!)  If you have such insurance
problems, I think this list can truly help.

Good luck, Ashley!  I'm glad people helped and that you found a good
solution for yourself.

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