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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #347

In my opinion and from past experience, I would wait to let people at your new
job know of your condition.  Keep all pertinent information about your disease
as well as any other ailments and medications.  Wait at least through your
probation period in the meantime size up the company and their spoken and
unspoken policy on medical issues.  Scott is right, it happens a lot in this
country (especially in the right to work states like here in Nevada), even
though we are suppose to be protected, they always manage to find a way
anyhow, so tread lightly when you do decide to bare all.  I personally agree
that people should know and I would love to be able to enlighten everyone, but
unfortunately that's like cutting your own nose off to spite your face.  When
and if you finally decide to tell someone else, I like the idea of the note in
the personnel file.  This has to be your decision, jobs are too hard to come
by and I hope that when the time comes that you do tell, that it doesn't end
up eliminating your job, has happened to me to many times.
Tina  @ The Pumping Place

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Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 15:42:24 EDT
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Subject: Re: [IP] new job-how much info to give employer?

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<< Ella, be open with your employer, you are covered under the americans with
disabilities act so they can't hold it against you.  Also you want them to
know what to do should you have any problems.  Have a good day

Scott,,Let me tell you what happened to me,,,
I used to work for a local dodge dealership as a shopforeman,and transmission
I had 5 years with this place and a very good job record!  I was dx. with
diabetes and
then things started to change. They would not let me do thing that I allways
They said I could hurt some one or even my self.about 2 months later I was
for having diabetes, I even had a tape of the service manager saying we have
to let you go because you do have diabetes!!I went to court and DID NOT WIN
the dealership had more money than me .the law favors money here
And what is really funny about this is that the ownner has type 1 for 20+
years and used to be a tech. so If you want to tell them about your diabetes
,,,well thats up to you ,,where I live you have to tell them ANY condition
that could affect you like diabetes!!!!So now I'm on s.s.d. and make 750 a
month ,,,,,,wish they never found out!!!
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> I also type up a sheet for them listing what medications I take, what
> conditions I have and any other pertinent info they might have to give
> emegency medical staff.  The sheet goes into my personnel file.  No one
> in the company has any reason to see it, or even hear about it.
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