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Re: [IP] Re: how to describe a high

>Is anyone else out there non-symtomatic when high?  And I mean really high,
>too - 400, 500 (of course this doesn't happen often, thankfully, and I
>don't think at all since the pump.)

I have no idea I'm high until I'm around 300 when I start feeling pretty 
thirsty.  I can be 400, though, before I feel so thirsty that I'm 
uncomfortable.  By about 400 I definitely know my sugar's bad.  There have 
been many times that I've tested and expected a reading in normal range but 
found it to be 300.  Bummer.  I haven't been REALLY high in a very long 
time, but in the first couple of years after dx there were a few times that 
my meter just read "HIGH", which meant over 600.  I felt fine, but thirsty.  
At any rate, you're not the only one.

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