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Re: [IP] Re: new job-how much info to give employer?

>When you all are at work, do you do blood tests in the open, or do you go 
>the restroom (or your office if you have one)?

First off, I always test and do whatever else I need to do where ever I am.  
Now that's in my office, but I'll do it even if my boss has just come in to 
talk to me, if I was about to anyway.  But your Q reminded me of something 
that happened when I was doing a summer internship in law school.  I was on 
the subway with my boss, who was a very kool big shot criminal defense guy 
(and I actually agreed that he was very kool), and I remembered that I 
didn't do my shot with lunch just before we got on the train, so I just 
plain had to do it right there on the subway (we were going way uptown, so 
it was going to be a while).  So I whipped out my stuff and took care of 
business like it was no big deal and boy was he impressed!  If he remembers 
me at all, I am certain that that would be what he'd remember!  lol


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