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[IP] Re(cost of Supplies

My insurance pays after the 80% and I think the first bill was $900for minimed
pump supplies for three months plus I have insulin& strips about $230.00 each
month & 2 other scripts each month.
 I have World insurance and pay about $400 amonth just for me,I am only 33 and
they say it will go up every year, not the greatest insurance, but will have
it for life,no one else will pick me up.  My family of 4 pays almost $800
amonth plus all three of them  are on meds each month.My 2 boys both have
health issues that are not covered on the insurance-because of riders. It is a
long story, but we did try to take our previous agent to insurance court for
her mix up and she just lied to cover her bottom. Thank your lucky stars for
your insurance. Before she messed ours up, I kind of took it for granted
because 5years ago I didn't have the D issue on the records.We also had a med
card and copay for 2 years and she messed that up. You just never know.We are
self employed farmers.  Sorry if I sound to be venting .I definitely envy you
all that have your supplies paid 100% but am happy also that you can.
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