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Re: [IP] pump alarms

In a message dated 5/24/02 1:29:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I bolused & an alarm went of on my pump, D-tronic  occlusion  alarm..   My ?
> is did I get a bolus.  When I looked at history it said I did.  I called
> Disetronic & they said to change my site. I had high readings all day which
> there was no reason for this the tech said the site was not absorbing the
> insulin.   Has any one had this problem.  I am a new pumper 2 weeks & just
> love it.   My life has changed

Mew when you changed your last site did you change the adapter? I have been 
on a d-tron for a year and only once did I get an occlusion. I had tried to 
reuse the adapter. How long do you use a site? Some people only get two days. 
I get 4. YMMV. I would call the endo or DR and ask about your basal rates. 
Last question have you read pumping insulin by John Walsh? Get it! Roger C
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