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Re: [IP] Re: new job-how much info to give employer?

> I also type up a sheet for them listing what medications I take, what 
> conditions I have and any other pertinent info they might have to give 
> emegency medical staff.  The sheet goes into my personnel file.  No one else 
> in the company has any reason to see it, or even hear about it.

What a great idea!  This really appeals to me... everyone doesn't have to 
know.  I work in a large company(retirement community)...so I am not sure who I 
would give the list to.  Perhaps HR?  And I guess the front desk...  Thanks so 
much for your info!  

When you all are at work, do you do blood tests in the open, or do you go to 
the restroom (or your office if you have one)?

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