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Re: [IP] new job-how much info to give employer?

In a message dated 5/23/02 10:02:17 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Ella, be open with your employer, you are covered under the americans with 
disabilities act so they can't hold it against you.  Also you want them to 
know what to do should you have any problems.  Have a good day 

Scott,,Let me tell you what happened to me,,,    
I used to work for a local dodge dealership as a shopforeman,and transmission 
I had 5 years with this place and a very good job record!  I was dx. with 
diabetes and   
then things started to change. They would not let me do thing that I allways 
They said I could hurt some one or even my self.about 2 months later I was 
for having diabetes, I even had a tape of the service manager saying we have 
to let you go because you do have diabetes!!I went to court and DID NOT WIN 
the dealership had more money than me .the law favors money here
And what is really funny about this is that the ownner has type 1 for 20+ 
years and used to be a tech. so If you want to tell them about your diabetes 
,,,well thats up to you ,,where I live you have to tell them ANY condition 
that could affect you like diabetes!!!!So now I'm on s.s.d. and make 750 a 
month ,,,,,,wish they never found out!!!
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