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Re: [IP] Wow, Some Good Stuff

I wonder if feeling grumpy is an actual physical reaction to being high, or a 
result of the other things we're feeling?  I too get grumpy when high, and 
REALLY grumpy when low.  When high, I just feel like I've been slowed down, 
like my batteries have run out, or like I'm moving through mud.  If really 
high, I feel sick to my stomache and nausia creeps up sometimes.  The thought 
of eating makes me gag.  Of course I also have the cotton mouth thing going, 
excessive restroom use, and difficulty breathing.  Though, it's funny/ironic... 
now that my A1c is down I feel this stuff at more like 200 instead of 400 like 
I used to.  I don't like the feelings, but happy in a twisted sort of way that 
they are there ;)

> And, yes, I do feel grumpy when I'm high.  Of course, I have a short fuse 
> anyway, and am working on that, so it isn't as noticeable as it might be on 
> less grumpy people
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