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Re: [IP] How To Describe a High

Pumpers and friends,
  Very true, Renee; every year at camp one to doctors brings in IV blood bags with blood sugars at 100, 200, 300, and 400mls. Then ask the kids what is your blood sugar now? Put them in-groups and ask them how they feel? Letting them hold the bags, 100 group feels light, free flowing, like water; 200 group feels like Karo syrup, thick fluid; 300 group feels like liquid butter hard to move with little pieces in it, 400 group is like lard or grease cant move. when talk about how they think and feel at each blood sugar and why they need to try and have good blood sugars. This is one of them biggest things that stand out in the reports we get back from camper.  They get ita light comes on. I always tell people for every 100 points my blood sugar is up from a 100, I have to work a 100 times harder to move, think, and live. Over 200 points I when feel like I ran a 100 miles, when had to go 15 rounds with Ali, with no water or rest. And any higher.. you want me to think or do!
 anything..FORGET IT. I just want to drink and sleep. and the PAIN. it  hurts to move, think, or do anything.

A cardiologist friend of ours once told us that when Melissa is high, we should picture Karo syrup in her veins, in lieu of blood...and that thick, very slow moving fluid was representative of the lethargic, irritable, sluggish, demeanor we were seeing in her.... made it much more "real" to us & made it easier to comprehend why she wasn't "raring to go" when "weighed down" by  the "syrup". Also correlated with her own observation that her blood  "appears" different too: thinner & watery when very low, & thicker, darker when high.....Regards   Renee (Melissa's pump mom)

        I have been away for the last few days. liver infection again.. with temps of  103/104 .. pushing a lot of insulin  100 to 200 units a day. Had a short stay in hospital for my birthday. I have how had diabetes for 25 years. I was told for sure on my birthday. one present I have always wanted to give back. I hope today when I see the doctor, she will let me make a short road trip this weekend. as I have flowers and flags to put out. I hope everyone has a great day off, and remembers why it is a holiday.


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