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Re: [IP] new job-how much info to give employer?


I think it's totally up to you.  You don't have to tell anyone anything.  At 
my present job, I didn't really have the option of not telling them because 
I was in the ICU with DKA on my first day!  Oops!  They were probably 
terribly worried that they had made a big mistake, but in the 21 months 
since then, I have only taken two sick days.

I usually try to make sure that there's someone around who knows that I'm 
diabetic no matter where I am.  So, I will sometimes tell the stranger next 
to me in exercise class if there's no one there that day that I know 
personally.  I would think it'd be a good idea if someone that you worked 
with knew, but that would not necessarily have to be your boss.


>Well, finally after 11 months I have a job!  Any  advice on whether or what 
>tell my new employer about my diabetes?  Do I tell them "upfront"?  I am 
>sure of what to do.  I was at my previous job for over 7 years.  Any

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