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Re: [IP] Re: Complications (and God)

At 09:23 AM 5/24/2002 Cynthia VanDenBerge wrote:
 >No, dear lister, that is not what I said...I said that
 >God never intended for us to suffer...suffering and
 >death is the result of the fall of man.  A few of you
 >interpreted my comments to imply that your diabetes is
 >a result of some personal sin on your part...how
 >horrible!  Unfortunately there are some that believe
 >this way, I am not one of those in any way.  Please
 >respect your own comments to keep this off of the list
 >and email me privately if you wish to engage in
 >dialog, and also note that it was not I that started
 >this thread in the forst place.

And, this is still the wrong list to discuss this on. Please join the 
Spirit list (see the HELP address below) and respect the members that do 
not wish to discuss their personal religious beliefs on the main list.

Thank you.

Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
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