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[IP] Wow, Some Good Stuff

Thanks for all the words, guys.  The only problem with the PMS thing is 
that I'm trying to describe this to a guy, so I can't use that as a 
description ;).
And, yes, I do feel grumpy when I'm high.  Of course, I have a short fuse 
anyway, and am working on that, so it isn't as noticeable as it might be on 
less grumpy people ;)
I am mostly interested in the physical feelings.  I liked especially the 
ones about how your blood feels thicker.  Also, I too have noticed ever 
since I started testing regularly (only about 6 years ago) that my blood 
looks different when I'm high.  I haven't noticed a difference between low 
and normal, however.  My blood also tastes sweeter when I'm high, though I 
could be imagining that (I lick my finger to sop up the blood after testing).
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