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[IP] Re: Bcc-ing emails

At 07:09 AM 5/24/02, you wrote:
>And PLEASE, people - before you send a post with anyone in the *Courtesy
>Copy* (Cc:) LEARN TO USE Bcc: (Blind courtesy copy). When you give us your
>friends' addys, you are exposing them to about 4,000 others on the 'net. I
>hope *I* am not in your address book and you are sharing my addy with
>others!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr  :(((((

While Jan's suggestion for Cc-ing email messages is great for personal use, 
we request that you not Cc or Bcc any emails to Insulin Pumpers.  If one of 
the recipients replies to all, IP gets hit with a non-member bounces, since 
their reply will also come to us.  This results in a lot of additional work 
for our volunteers.  Thanks again for keeping this in mind.

One of the volunteer IP administrators
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