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Re: [IP] Re: new job-how much info to give employer?

I agree. Just because they aren't supposed to discriminate under the 
Americans with Disabilities act doesn't mean they won't. And trying to prove 
discrimination could be difficult. I am shocked at some people's reactions 
to diabetes, and don't tell new co-workers or bosses for at least the first 
month on the job (I don't make huge efforts to hide it, but I don't make it 
obvious either). My father is a professor who teaches classes like HR, and 
has always told me not make a big thing about diabetes when starting a new 
job. It is a nightmare to bring a discrimination law suit, and some 
employers count on you not being able to prove, or have the financial 
resources to persue such a suit.

That being said, If I suspected discrimnation against myself because of 
diabetes, I would persue it to the fullest extent of the law. I just prefer 
not to give them the chance - let them see first that I am a good employee, 
and second that I am a diabetic. Just my opinion. YMMV

Type 1 7 years, pumping with "Buzz" the Paradigm pump for 4 days now!

<snip>  I try to hold off telling
>the immediate supervisor for 3 months, because most companies have the rule
>that they can terminate you without reason during that time. Be sure you 
>ID and Glucose tablets with you at all times.

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