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Re: [IP] new job-how much info to give employer?

> --- David Rundo <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > I would, what if something happends?

So, when do you tell them... before you have the job, as soon as you're hired, 
90 days later...?  Who do you tell... immediate supervisor only, everyone you 
know...?  And do you only tell then that you have diabetes, or do you tell them 
if you have any complications or problems? 

I have always been bad about telling people at work.  I don't want anyone to 
think I can't do my job like everyone else, or to feel like I use that as an 
excuse for anything, or to treat me differently in any way.  And no matter how 
much you educate them, there will be those who still think you can't do your 
job as well.  There will be people who think your job will suffer because of 
doctors appointments, etc.  I would love to tell people, but just don't know 
how, when, who, etc...what is the best way to do it?

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